Bifrost Technologies Climate Change Background

Discover the Positive Power of Artificial Intelligence

Bifrost Technologies is the #1 AI Technology Company in New England. The world is ever changing with new technology and we're proud to be apart of that adventure. Here at Bifrost Technologies, we design the most Innovative AI and Tech Advances the world has ever seen. Everything from our infamous warden artificial intelligence to our eljun technology. The neural network of our AI allows us to connect endless libraries to the AI's network to allow it to do much more. We are developing solar powered suits for extreme missions and sports that will bring a new era of wearable solar technology to the world.

AI for Earth

Capable of monitoring and analyzing forest fires, tsunamis, earthquakes, and extreme weather all over the world while comparing climate change data with corresponding events. For more info:

AI for Health

Designed to diagnose common illnesses like the flu or cold. We plan to upgrade it be able to scan and analyze a patients DNA for common genetic markers, while we compare medical history and diagnoses.

AI for Finance

Capable of trading and monitoring on ForEx and Crypto exchanges at lightning speed without latency. Currently stationed to generate money for charity rather than profit.