Core AI Technology

The three divisions that lead our core artificial intelligence technology


Capable of monitoring and analyzing forest fires, tsunamis, earthquakes, and extreme weather all over the world while comparing climate change data with corresponding events.

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Designed to diagnose common illnesses like the flu or cold. We plan to upgrade it be able to scan and analyze a patients DNA for common genetic markers, while we compare medical history and diagnoses.

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We provide an array of cognitive tools to protect company assets from hackers and thieves.

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Company Projects

All of our projects including non-AI projects. Slide to see all of them.

Bifrost Warden

Monitor natural disasters all over the world and stay up-to-date on everything climate related.

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Bifrost Laeknir

Kensuke is a medical AI designed to aid in delivering important medical information for emergency purposes.

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Bifrost Shield

Network Security System designed to protect company assets from hackers & thieves.

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Bifrost Spider

Traffic simulator and SEO AI to assist server admin & web developers.

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Bifrost Silver

SaaS/Ecommerce Centralized Cryptocurrency system managed by AI.

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Bifrost Pulse

SaaS security system to keep product integrity.

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Bifrost Legacy

To expand human existance and temporal impact by providing Reflection AI of Deceased Personal.

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Bifrost Storm

Gaming AI designed to aid to players on quests and general controller modifications.

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Speech Recognition Macro tool for CAD software.

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